Say “Hi” to the neighbors: peek-a-boo!

Kelly Greens peeks through the fence to see our “manufactured homes” on the other side. Tropicana Forum photo. 3/11/22.



Not only is Kelly Greens a neighbor sharing a boundary with Tropicana, it is a gated, private “country club community.”   There is a fence between Poinciana Drive in Tropicana and Kelly; and usually you can’t even get a glimpse of them.  And they can’t get a glimpse of us.

Some of those Kellyites probably have no idea what we look like, and visa versa.

But now, since the Iona Tornado was an equal opportunity destroyer, the fence is damaged and, peek-a-boo, we can see each other.

Surprisingly, that fence, owned by Kelly, has not yet been fixed.  So, for awhile, they will have to tolerate seeing us on the other side.

They probably call us a “trailer park.”

Maybe, like Gorbachev, they will tear down their “wall” and play pickle ball in the open areas with our newly formed team.