Tropicana management resisted plans for a yard sale in 2021. What a difference a year makes. Yard sale today (3/12/22).




January 2021:    Clarice Campbell sent out an email today, and here it is:  put on your big boy pants and read it.

“To All Residents:
“Currently there is a Facebook event being launched to have a community garage/yard sale.
” Please note:  Page 4 of the Tropicana Rules for Community Living states- For safety and security reasons, carport sales are not permitted.  Community “Trash and Treasure” sales are conducted for the convenience of the community.  I understand the desire to have a new community event, but this must be approved prior to having the event.  Please submit the request to my office in time for the January 28th board meeting.”
Kind Regards, 
Clarice Campbell, CAM

Tropicana Co-op, Inc.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor.

Jan. 2021 Re-post:

Once again the Co-Op management oversteps, this time by their arbitrary application of park rules.  Why in the world would it be a violation to have a yard sale if it will be contained within the park ?

“Safety and security,” she says. What nonsense!

Not only is the yard sale rule unnecessary, but there are more serious rules here which are not evenly enforced–? dogs, illegal parking, speeding..

That’s called “double standards.”

There are residents who used to regularly sell produce from their carport, and when they did that, all sorts of people, pets, carts, bikes and cars showed up. Why was that allowed?

A yard sale is small potatoes, so to speak, compared to the Tropicana farmers’ market.

And people here often sell items from the front of their homes.  Isn’t that a sort of a yard sale?     Maybe the rule book needs to be reviewed in order to weed out excessive and unnecessary rules.

Let people live their lives with  a minimum of oversight by big brother and big sister.

Finally,  adding insult to injury, the yard sailor is told to bring a note to the teacher because it is a “new community event” requiring the principal to consider giving you a special dispensation.

So if I want to have a small group event, for example to practice barbershop singing in my carport, do I have to get permission?

And if I want to organize a hair-cutting festival for a small group, do we need permission.? etc.

A lawyer I know says that small local groups like homeowners associations and Co-Op boards often take themselves too seriously, and they fail to treat people “under” them with compassion, and have too many small minded rules which are used to harass we the people.


So today, there is a yard sale  (3/12/22)  Have the rules been changed?  Or are the rules here still just a free-for-all—pick the ones to ignore and the ones to enforce!  Will Murex enforce or change the rules?


And don’t get me wrong: I love yard sales—“Get some trash for your cash.” I organize a town-wide yard sale every year in my NJ small town.


LARRY WILLIAMS.  From the movie Pleasantville.   “Lawdy Miss Clawdy