Don’t get your Pickleballs in an uproar…

As you know, Murex is planning to have Pickleball in Tropicana.  I wrote a piece for my crowded town in New Jersey where a controversy has developed because of the growing interest in this sport, and the sport does cause noise issues.  So this article might be interesting to some of you.


Officials in town call the Pickleball brouhaha “a serious issue”   They say that Pickleball is a game which causes annoying sounds. The President of the HOA says “there are similar noise issues around the country.”

He also said that a “quieter ball” will be used “in an attempt to find a win-win situation for all concerned.”

There is another solution, and that is  a sound barrier curtain which can be attached to tennis court fences or can be erected specific for Pickleball courts.  They can reduce the noise by 70-80%. One is “Acoustifence.”

We interviewed an avid Pickler  (ie a Pickleball advocate) from Florida where this sport has become huge and growing.

In Naples, Florida it has become a craze, with tournaments and national championships. It has surpassed tennis, and 4 pickle courts can take up space occupied by 1 tennis court and tennis courts can be used  by superimposing special nets and lines.


Pickleball champions in Naples, Fla.

All new communities in Florida will be designed with large numbers of picklers in mind.

Pickleball requires special rackets, and the balls are usually Wiffle balls.  Our expert tells us that the idea of using a quieter ball will not be acceptable to serious Picklers. The Wiffle ball makes a sound when it hits the ground, and that can be objectionable.

The best bet for Tropicana would be to encourage the picklers to go to a location, such as a county park or a private pickling center (inside or out) where courts can be  reserved, unless Murex can meet the inevitable demand.

Do you remember when tennis became so popular in the 1970’s that private tennis centers opened to accommodate that sport?  We lived in a residential community with no tennis facilities.  We simply met our friends at the local tennis club—it was fine. One of my partners built a tennis court in his backyard.

Meanwhile, Picklers are investing in paddles that can cost over $100.00 and they can purchase clothing designed just for pickling. 

Pickleball is popular, especially for older players, because they don’t have to run much, but there are physical challenges for seniors.  Because of the quick head turns, loss of balance can result in falls, with possibly serious injuries.  And, if you watch an active pickle ball play area, you will see mostly seniors with a wide array of orthopedic devices supporting knees, shoulder, ankles, feet, etc.

For seniors, they minimize injuries and endurance issues by only playing doubles.  But younger people are now getting into the sport, and they play singles.

I witnessed a Pickleball doubles match, and it does look like fun, so there will be a growing demand all over the country, and especially in Florida and other year-round climate states.