WASSUP?? …At the Tropicanaforum.com: News from the dump, and more….

a.  News from the dump.  There is a new setup over at the recycling area..  Go and check it out.  While you are there you will here a ping ping sound.  Judging from the time between pings, I would guess that it is Pickleball at Kelly Greens behind the fence..

b.   Pickleball news:  There are arguments about the tremendous impact of Pickleball all over.  It is the fastest growing sport in America. There now an estimated 5 million Picklers in the US and growing.

Towns are under pressure to build dedicated Pickleball courts in large numbers.  Murex could put dedicated courts in the big lot, and the “noise” will not bother anyone. The Pickler community will grow in Tropicana and it would quickly become popular.

Building tennis courts for double duty as Pickleball courts  (ie “hybrid courts”) is not desirable.  Picklers get exhausted chasing balls around tennis courts.

It is even suited for coed competition.  Teams could form and compete with other parks as they used to do for shufflers. Some places have installed lights for night-time play.

c. Suggestion box for MUREX at Tropicana.  We don’t know if Murex is interested in hearing from residents, but if you have some ideas for them, send them to us and we will post them here.  There is no reason why we can’t discuss good ideas, and they might take notice.

Note:  Last December, Murex met with shareholders and said that the  “management team”  would be available to residents to consider other ideas to make the park more attractive. They will be present at the Park on a “regular basis.”

If you want to offer ideas, send them by email  to Blogfinger@verizon.net. Tell us if you want to submit anonymously.

Here are some samples:

a. Return to the old way of water billing so that we can pay for what we use.

b. Do something about the plant overgrowth that threatens the Camelia River. It is an ecology issue.

Camelia River overgrowth. 3/18/22. Forum photo.

c. Remove old telephone electronics behind Camelia River homes:


Defunct phone boxes should be removed.


d.  Tropicana Forum stats:  On March 16, we had 560 “hits” on this blog.  That is a very good show of interest. We also had a few foreign visitors  (probably via Google)—-China, Ireland, Canada, and Ecuador.  Tell your friends about us.  Contact us by email: Blogfinger@verizon.net