Fort Myers River you know about First Street downtown?

First Street downtown Ft. Myers.  At “Izzy’s Fish and Oyster.”  Al fresco dining.  Paul Goldfinger photos. 3/23/22


Artist Edgardo Carmona creates metal sculptures, and they are seen downtown for all to enjoy.  This is a chess match.  These two have magnetic personalities. Paul Goldfinger.


By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger.  Tropicana Forum.

Ten years ago, historic downtown Ft.Myers was pretty dull, but it has had quite a growth since then.  Now there is a marina, many restaurants, shops, music and art, and a lively crowd of tourists.  The area is alive with offices and apartments as well.

In the evenings many customers at multiple restaurants are dining outdoors.  We had a reservation for “Izzy’s Fish and Oysters”  at 6 pm on a Wednesday night, and there was a considerable waiting list.  You must make a reservation on line.

There is a website  (below)  where you can learn about the wide variety of restaurants on First Street and elsewhere in town.

It is easy to get to that location from Tropicana.  Just take McGregor Blvd. north and turn onto First Street after about 20 minutes drive.  You can park in a large garage on Jackson Street, but we usually can find parking down the side streets, for free.

All the commercial locations, street level, are 100% occupied.  And investors are falling all over themselves to get in on this hot spot. The Izzy building is historic and has been preserved. It sold for over $4 million in 2019.

Izzy’s is a fine restaurant; a casual place—comfortable and cheerful. The service is excellent, and they have an innovative menu which includes Happy Hour specials from 3 pm to 6 pm. There are many choices including fresh fish that you can order prepared in a variety of ways; and a catch of the day which I thought was the waitress.

I had a cup of New England clam chowder and then we shared 6 oysters. All were superb.  Next time we will get 12.

Eileen had a huge and delicious Mediterranean salad which we shared.  She got 2 glasses of a very good Chardonnay (California) for the price of 1 (Happy Hour–we arrived at 5:50 pm)   Next time arrive  at 5 pm.

For the entree I had swordfish with a delicious buttery garlic delicate sauce. It was prepared perfectly. One of the best fish dishes I have ever had in a restaurant.   Eileen had fish and chips—first rate!

“Izzy’s  Fish and Oysters”  on First Street. At 6 pm it was about to fill up with waiting customers. Paul Goldfinger photo. Forum.


Link to Ft. Myers downtown River District scene:  Link below–

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CAST OF THE BROADWAY SHOW CAROUSEL:   “A Real Nice Clambake.”    We had a real good time at Izzy’s!