Nature tours at Bunche Beach through April….

A naturalist from Lee County Parks and Recreation takes a small group on a beach walk. . Bunche Beach. Ft. Myers. 3/23/22 Paul Goldfinger photo for Tropicana Forum.


Every Wednesday at 9 am, from November through April, there is a guided beach walk with a naturalist from Lee County Parks and Recreation. We attended this one, and it was fun and interesting.  This guide focused on botany–algae, mangroves, worms, sand, and sea grapes —–the leaves used to be used as post cards. You could write on them and the USPS would deliver.


Guide talks about sea grapes. Forum photo.


Other guides might talk about other elements including the local birds, nesting turtles, beach history, ecology and evolving landscapes.

There were  5 women and me.  I asked if they have any gender requirements, but she denied it.   Eileen is in the middle.

A Park Ranger came after a report that someone was walking a dog on the beach. He took care of that.

Nearby a group assembled for a yoga class.


Yoga class gets ready. Forum photo.


Park Ranger greets the tour. Paul Goldfinger photo.


Anyone who shows up will meet the guide at the beach entrance.  We arrived when the no-see-ums were biting ferociously in the parking area, but it was better at the water’s edge.


THE BEACH BOYS    “Kokomo”