“Someone to Say.” Cyrano is streaming.

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Peter Dinklage and Haley Bennett in Cyrano.  Paul Goldfinger still photo  from the movie.  4/29/22. Click all photos once to enlarge.


Haley Bennett as Roxanne. Paul Goldfinger Photo from the movie.


An exterior set. Cyrano is seen in the foreground. Still photo from the movie by Paul Goldfinger.



Paul Goldfinger, Editor Blogfinger.


Cyrano is a story familiar to most of us.  A homely man with a large nose ghost-writes romantic letters for an inarticulate handsome man who is trying to capture the love of a beautiful woman.  The setting is the 1600’s in France, but it was filmed in Noto, Sicily.

In this new movie version, Cyrano has lost his unsightly nose, but he also has lost his height.

The excellent actor Peter Dinklage, a dwarf who gained fame in Game of Thrones, plays the Cyrano part. Haley Bennett, playing Roxanne, is a gorgeous redhead with an ample bosom that has a life of its own, who is initially fooled by the charade, and her suitor is now a black man, so there is some tension with that component, although probably in the eyes of the audience, but not in the script.

I’ve never been enthused about the story line which involves a persistent lie to fool the heroine.

But the movie is very well done, and the settings and cinematography are beautiful.  Also there is music, and the soundtrack is lovely.   Peter Dinklage has never sung in the movies, but he does so here, and he has a fine baritone voice.

Cyrano is available for a fee, about $6.00,  on Amazon.  I don’t like those rentals when you only get access for 48 hours.

Here is Haley Bennett performing, with the cast, “Someone to Say.”