“Medium COVID” Tropicana forum medical note from Paul Goldfinger, MD

This  Medscape article was written by Farha Ikramuddin,  MD from the University of Minnesota Medical School.  5/3/22.


Dr Farha Ikramuddin


“Symptom timelines surrounding COVID infection tend to center on either the immediate 5 day quarantine protocols for acute infection or the long-COVID symptoms that can last a month or potentially far longer.

“But some patients report a “middle-range” COVID that will resolve before it becomes long COVID, yet still lasts longer than is typical for viral infections. People may return to work or daily routines, but something is off: What had been simple exercise regimens become onerous. Everyday tasks take more effort.

“Does this ill-defined subset point to a ‘medium COVID? ‘”

“I’m seeing ‘medium COVID’ — as one would call it — in younger and healthier patients. I’m also noticing that these symptoms are not severe enough to warrant stopping their job or changing their job schedules,”

Ikramuddin said, “They go back to work,  but start noticing something is off.”

“I am seeing that.”

“The symptoms can develop weeks or months after apparent recovery, and they can include profound fatigue, loss of smell or taste, intolerance to wine,loss of appetite, and others.

“Physicians who study this disease are having a hard time deciding on time categories.  Instead of short, medium or long COVID, it may be a continuum.   The mechanism may be a lingering virus infection as occurs with HIV.

“The ‘medium COVID’ can disappear with time.”


Paul Goldfinger, MD  comment:     This disease continues to be a “medical mystery” because of the myriad of questions that keep appearing including the unpredictable nature of the viral variants.

As the risk of infection continues to go up and down it seems to me that it is still a pandemic.  Having cast aside masks, most people seem comfortable walking about topless despite reports of rising  infection rates.  Now, if you wear a mask, you might be viewed as an alarmist by others near you.

But, it seems best to put on a mask if you are indoors in a crowded space.  Do what seems right to you in a certain situation and try not to let social pressures sway your best judgment.  Mandates are inappropriate at this time.

Note that testing centers continue to be busy around the country.  If you are ill, consider getting tested.  PCR test is most accurate, but you may have to wait a few days for a result.