You should read this summary post about topics important to us at Tropicana.

Tropicana. Paul Goldfinger photo. 2019.


Below  is an article which we posted in December 2021.  It is about risks to renters in this park. Click where it says “Continue reading”. and then there is our summary near the end/


Tropicana “renters” beware: Corporate owners can cause hardships in the future.

And this about affordable housing:


Affordable housing in decline all over. Report from Tropicana in Florida.


And here is our post in 2021  about the Murex/Carlyle group.

Park to be sold to Murex/Carlyle Group. Vote to sell wins by a large shareholder majority on 4/29/21.


So when you are done reading all this, here are our comments today  March 27, 2022. By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor

a.  The NY Times article stresses “mobile homes” and doesn’t specifically mention homes like ours which can’t be moved.  But there are similarities regarding the concerns about parks being sold to big corporations.

b.  The number of parks like ours are declining across the country.  Many get sold and then occupants have to leave to make way for apartments, condos etc.  Murex has promised that we will remain an affordable manufactured home community, but what if they sell in two years?

c. Overall the prognosis for keeping our homes affordable usually is best when the residents own the land.

d. The cost of “mobile homes” is rising dramatically.

e. It costs about $5,000.00 to put a foundation under a mobile home.

f. If a big corporation buys a park, usually the rents go up, sometimes by a lot.  Those of us who lived here when the buy occurred do have a limit for rent increases.  But what if Carlyle sells to grab a profit?

g.  22 million people live in “manufactured homes” in the US, but some are in danger of losing their security and affordability.


So all of you must keep an eye on this subject.




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