Micanopy, Fla. A place to visit on the way to Tropicana Sands.

Micanopy, Florida. Paul Goldfinger photo. Dec. 2018


Paul Goldfinger,  MD.   Editor Blogfinger.net


In the 19th century, the town of Micanopy, Fla. prospered with agriculture;  in sequence came cane sugar, cotton, vegetables, oranges and lumber.

In 1836 there was a battle with the local Seminole Indians.   The US Army showed up to rescue the town, and a fort was built.  There were settlers and some slaves in the town.  But later the town’s founder Moses Levy, a Jewish immigrant from Morocco, encouraged schools and opposed slavery.

These days (December, 2018) it is a tourist town on the National Historic Register. Antiques used to be big in Micanopy,  but now millennials hate that old stuff.  It is a fine place to visit and explore for a couple of hours.

Last year I bought a T shirt, but this year they were sold out.  The town panhandler hit me up, and a young couple were posing for a professional wedding photographer.   I snapped a couple of frames from a distance;  the groom looked at me and gave me a grin and a thumbs up.

A guitarist was playing outside some shops.  He said that he has made some country recordings. A hat on the ground collected some change and bills.  Christmas decorations were scattered about.

Micanopy is near Gainesville (U. of Florida) and had a population of 600 in the last Census.


BOB DYLAN:  “The Man in Me.”


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