MUSIC: Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II, Carly Simon , and Ken. Peplowski: “All the Things You Are.”



—Paul Goldfinger, Editor,


Some songs really need to be performed with a vocalist because the lyrics are so beautiful.  And that is true for the jazz classic “All the Things You Are.”  It was written in 1939 for a show called “Very Warm for May.”

Jerome Kern wrote the music while Oscar Hammerstein II wrote the words. These two musical geniuses collaborated for many great songs.  Here are some of the lyrics from the verse, so you can see how remarkable the words are:


“You are the promised kiss of springtime
That makes the lonely winter seem long
You are the breathless hush of evening
That trembles on the brink of a lovely song
You are the angel glow that lights a star
The dearest things I know are what you are
Some day my happy arms will hold you
And some day I’ll know that moment divine
When all the things you are, are mine”

CARLY SIMON performs  “All the Things You Are:  (Below her version is an instrumental jazz performance by Ken Peplowski and friends.)


BONUS TRACK:   Carly Simon from her 22nd album “‘Moonlight Serenade.”  (2005)


And here is Ken Peplowski and friends with an instrumental version:


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