1.  The Co-op will be represented at the January 23 meeting of the THA, scheduled for 10 a.m. They will have legal counsel present.  This was announced at the 12/12/12 meeting of the Co-op Board.

2. From Snowbird:  “Information from the Tropicana Newsletter is a contest for decorations of homes for the Christmas season. Hoping winners pictures will be posted on the Blog. Fun and nice idea.

Editor’s note:  We would like to post photos of Christmas decorations.  Just email them to me at

3.  The Tropicana Social Club  (TSC)  had its meeting on Dec 3.  Four nominees for the board were voted in:  Diane Carr, Secretary; Carol Pockett, Director;  Larry Philippi, Director; and Lois Reid, Director.

4. If any of you want some Tropicana Forum business cards,  you can pick one up on the Social Club Bull Board in the Clubhouse. If the cards run out, please email us.

4.   Tropicana Forum 101:  We want to post pictures from Tropicana events.  Please take your cameras and cell phones to these happenings and email the photos and facts to us. Take pictures of your friends and yourself.   You can see the pictures that very day or the next day and share them with your Tropicana neighbors.   For those of you who work on these projects, this is a way to show what a great job you did.

Please tell your neighbors about us.  —PG

5. PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED ADS HERE:   If you are selling something, just send us the information and we will post. it.  Do you have a desk, an exercise machine, a stuffed moose, whatever, your ad will be seen by about 100 Tropicanites a day.  It’s free.  Contact us at

8. From Paul:  Eileen and I will be leaving today and will return in January.  Meanwhile, how about helping us spread the good word about Tropicana to all the residents. Please email us  ( with small talk, big talk, bits of news or observations, your ideas and photos of events that you attend.  We will keep up the blog whether we are physically there or not.

There are important meetings coming up. You can tell us what occurred, and we will report your news.  You can give your name or not.  Just tell me if you want to be anonymous.