Trop Bulletin Board

1. Those who are still around tell us that “Tropicana is quieter, fewer vehicles in driveways, tie-downs in place, and exercise classes’ attendees have dwindled.” Others report shuttered windows.     So the snowbirds are beginning their flight.

2. If any of you want to ask a question of your Co-op board, just send it to us and we will post it.  Then hopefully, one of them will respond.

3. Clarice Campbell misses all of you already. She promises to keep us posted with news.

4.  From Joan, Tropicana year-rounder:    April 8—-“More and more people are leaving the community, heading to their northern homes. It’s quieter but many people have their families here for the Easter holiday.”

5. From Jack Barron:   “Thanks, Paul, for the website. Wife and I had a great time at Tropicana in January. We already have reserved a rental there for Jan. & Feb, 2013.  Sorry, to hear of the big loss on the last shuffleboard game. At least Ted and Ron kept it from being a complete skunk. Looking forward to helping the Win column next year.”