Contact Us:

The Tropicana Forum site url is:

You can  send  an email to

By email  you can ask us a question, make a request, state an opinion, write a brief article, offer a letter to the editor or suggest a topic.  All submissions are subject to review and possible editing or rejection.  The Forum is not a “free-fire zone.”

You can also email photographs from around the park, but we only post images that are very good.  Posed group shots are not acceptable  That’s for Facebook.

At the end of each post is the word “comments”  Click on it to see comments.  Add your comments the same way or just send it to us by email:

3 thoughts on “Contact Us:

  1. Hi Forum friends,
    I just found out that the THA Board “directed the removal”of the blog. Why??? What are you so afraid of? What’s wrong with a free exchange of information we can all learn from, instead of never knowing what’s going on down there!!

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