We will not favor one opinion over another.   However, we will draw a line at accusations about the motives and/or character of a person or group. We value comments that are fact-based, informative, open-minded and thought-provoking.  Saying that someone is “greedy” will not be acceptable.

Because we want this blog to be well-written, we will sometimes edit for purposes of grammar, relevance or clear expression of thought. We may sometimes shorten comments that are too long or repetitive, just as newspapers do with letters to the editor.

Furthermore, if you have something to say but aren’t quite sure how to say it, just give us the simple facts by email (Blogfinger@verizon.net) and we will happily state your point for you.

We accept anonymous contributions. We prefer that you use your real name.   And submitting something does not guarantee acceptance or freedom from editing.

The Tropicana Forum  is an exercise in democracy and also in civility. We seek everyone’s participation.

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