Rents, Rules and Regrets: Continuing the Discussion

Comments have continued to roll in regarding several recent issues including the new rent increase for 2013, new regulations and clashes between factions.  The comment below is from “Outraged.”  We will use his/her statement as the jumping off point for further discussion on these matters.  Just  use the “comments” button below.     —PG


“I do not rent my home out for the 7 months I am not in the park, however we homeowners (2nd class citzens) should be able to do with our properity as we want.

We need rules but not to the extreme such that people will shun the park. The board is killing sales!

What about our 3 mo. renters? A lot of them have become buyers in the past. Get rid of the 1 mo rule.

And we thought the previous manager was bad.

The mistake in buying shares with so few share buyers  is showing , isn’t it?     Raising the rent is nonsense.

We are in the looking stage for another place.    Get your heads out of the sand.

Thanks to the Forum. You at least are keeping us semi-informed.”

Editor’s Note:    Thanks for the semi-compliment.