Editorial: When Do Legitimate Complaints Become Personal Attacks on the Tropicana Forum?

By Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor

I suggest that you click on the comments below our storm post  (dated Aug 27)  to see the exchange between a Tropicana resident and the Park manager, Clarice Campbell.  You will see that there was a clash regarding communication between Co-op management and the residents.   Other comments can be found under “News Clips.”

As you know from prior interactions on the blog, sometimes there are misunderstandings that can occur.   But it’s better to voice our opinions and respectfully  discuss our differences than it is to say nothing. In this instance, I believe we have one of those misunderstandings.

I allowed the comment by “hope and change” because it was a legitimate complaint.  But, as you see, Clarice took it as a hurtful personal criticism that came in when she was working so hard to get the Park ready for the storm and when, on top of everything, she was ill.

The Co-op management really should keep us all informed as to what is going on during a storm or other significant event. The Co-op website is perfect for that purpose as is our blog.  If we had known what Clarice was going through, then perhaps “hope and change” might have softened his/her wording.

We need to remember to balance negatives and positives.  I know that Clarice is very popular in the Park, so we all would do well to tell her how much we appreciate her work and her “can do” personality.  I hope she sees that criticisms and suggestions are offered in the spirit of making things better.  I will never allow anyone to be mean to her or to anyone else on the Tropicana Forum.

People send us comments and emails. We will not approve nasty remarks, personal attacks, obscenities or other toxic statements to be published. But we will allow legitimate opinions to be heard.  People are allowed to be foolish or ill-informed. They don’t have to punctuate or spell properly—that’s what editors are for.

And for Clarice  (see below):  Thank you so much for everything that you do for us residents of the park formerly known as the Tropicana Mobile Manor.

Clarice Campbell, Park manager at the Tropicana Co-op. PG photo, 2012.