One Resident’s Opinion: New Regs Re Renting our Units

By “Frustrated”

Is there anyone else that is bothered by the newly changed rules but me? I am new here and was hoping to rent out my mobile home, to help off set the rental costs when I wasn’t using it. I still have a good 10+ years of working before I can be down there full time. I understand the need for a background check (to keep us all safe). But limiting rentals to 1 month only -that’s dumb.

I had two seniors rent from me last year(1 week and 2.5 weeks) that ended up purchasing in the park. Not everyone is retired or able to spend all winter season in Florida. I understand we don’t want tons of kids or overnight travelers. Those of you that are making rules for the rest of us…come on..

Most people who are interested in renting in our park are doing so because they will soon be retiring,checking out the park/area, or have elderly parents nearby that they are visiting or helping out through illness/surgery etc…That’s how we discovered our great park; my parents live in a small RV park nearby, and we needed a place to rent that we could visit/help them for two or three weeks each winter. We bought a place here in the park, after renting ourselves, and thought we could pass on our good fortune to our friends and neighbors back home.

One more thing—renters can’t bring a pet? Isn’t that why we like living in a mobile home community? We can bring our companions with us? Of course there needs to be rules( no mean breeds,large sizes,excessive barkers) But most of us have a little fluff ball that travels with us.

Is there no grey area with this? I am not a rule breaker, but thoughtful and respectful to others within the park that we all love. I am frustrated that a few are making decisions that impact those of us that want to enjoy Florida for our only few weeks, not months.
Who is representing the renters when these rules were made?