298 Thanks for Those Who Visited the Tropicana Forum on Tuesday, March 21 and the rest of the days we have been open for business..

It's For All of You---a thank you note.

From the Editor:   There were 259 visits to this blog on March 20, 2012. Today, March 21, there were 298—our biggest day so far.  We have been open for business for only three weeks, so this is an excellent turnout. Thank you very much.

This number means to me that there is a need for a public forum at Tropicana. It also sends a message to all organizations in the Park  that this blog can become a great way to help get your information out and to receive input from the readers.  It also can provide a way to maintain communication when most of you leave over the next month.

The Forum is being run as a public service, but it needs to be a community activity if it is to work. It is totally free and without advertising. If you send me your email, I will let you know when we have interesting stuff on the Forum.  I will not share your emails with anyone.

We  will keep the Forum going through next winter. Whether it lasts beyond then depends on the cooperation which we receive from our readers.

We will have content even when most of you return home, including photography, music and medicine;  so please check in to us from your abodes in far off lands like Minnesota.

If you have any Tropicana-related news or ideas, please send them to us in the coming months.  You can even report on what you are doing when you aren’t cozy here in Ft. Myers.

In the coming months, we hope that more of you participate in the discussions  (ie comments).

Here are two comments that came in on March 20:

1. From Anonymous:  

“I really don’t think we need you to stir the pot any more than it is.
 dont think we need your blog or opinions.”

2. From Concerned Homeowner:

“Maybe all Tropicana Homeowners should continue to be informed if we are to live in HARMONY. Paul this blog might make the difference. KEEP IT GOING.”

Have a great off-season, from Paul.